МолГен - Молекулярная Генеалогия. Информационный ресурс по ДНК-генеалогии
ХудРук — д.б.н. Балановская Е.В.

Важнейшие региональные работы

Barbujani & Bertorelle 2001 Genetics and the population history of Europe

Helgason 2001 mtDNA and the Islands of the North Atlantic

Karafet 2002 High Levels of Y-Chromosome Differentiation among Native Siberian Populations

Kayser 2005 Significant genetic differentiation between Poland and Germany (Y)

Kivisild 2004 Ethiopian mtDNA heritage_Tracking gene flow across and around of the Gate of Tears

Kivisild 2002 The Emerging Limbs and Twigs of the East Asian mtDNA Tree

Lappalainen 2008 Migration Waves to the Baltic Sea Region

Metspalu 2004 Most of the extant mtDNA boundaries in South and Southwest Asia were likely shaped

Richards 2000 Tracing European Founder Lineages in the Near Eastern mtDNA Pool

Rosser 2000 Y-Chromosomal Diversity in Europe Is Clinal and Influenced Primarily by Geography

Semino 2000 The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in Extant Europeans

Wells 2001 The Eurasian Heartland_ A continental perspective on Y-chromosome diversity

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