МолГен - Молекулярная Генеалогия. Информационный ресурс по ДНК-генеалогии
ХудРук — д.б.н. Балановская Е.В.


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Bandelt 2000 Median Networks_Speedy Construction and Greedy Reduction

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Herrnstadt 2002 Reduced-Median-Network Analysis of Complete Mitochondrial DNA Coding-Region

Karafet 2008 Y chromosome tree (ниже см. приложение)

Karafet 2008 Приложение

Kivisild 2000 Questioning evidence for recombination in human mitochondrial DNA

Macaulay 1999 The Emerging Tree of West Eurasian mtDNAs_ A Synthesis of CR Sequences and RFLPs

Nei 1973 Analysis of Gene Diversity

Oota 2001 Human mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation is correlated with matrilocal versus patrilocal

Palanichamy 2004 Phylogeny of Indian mtDNA Macrohaplogroup N

Roewer 2001 Online reference database of European Y-chromosomal STR haplotypes

Saillard 2000 mtDNA Variation among Greenland Eskimos_ The Edge of the Beringian Expansion

Sykes 2000 Surnames and the Y Chromosome

Tanaka 2004 Mitochondrial Genome Variation in Eastern Asia

Y Chromosome Consortium 2002 A Nomenclature System for the Tree of Human Y Chromosome (ниже см. приложение)

Y Chromosome Consortium 2002 supplement

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